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What does a Care Plus Physical Therapist do?

Visits from our Physical Therapist will be conveniently arranged as ordered by the physician. Exercise promotes healing and helps to regain range-of-motion and strength in muscles and limbs.

Our Physical Therapist first performs an evaluation and then formulates a treatment plan for the patient. Treatments provided may include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to improve trunk, arm and leg strength, joint range of motion, balance, endurance and general conditioning
  • Prescribing individualized home exercise programs
  • Transfer and bed mobility training
  • Massage to decrease pain, muscle spasms, or to improve flexibility
  • Educating patients about their diagnosis and prognosis
  • Home safety
  • Fall prevention evaluation
  • Pain Management
  • Teaching family and caregivers necessary skills so they may better provide for the patient while allowing the patient to remain as independent as possible
  • Gait and balance training
  • Wheelchair training
  • Post surgical and post stroke rehabilitation
  • Home exercise program

After your evaluation, our Physical Therapist will develop a treatment program unique to the patients and families need.  This will help to decrease deficits and restore normal function. The important elements of the therapy program may include education about the cause of the problem, instruction in exercises to improve function and patient compliance and participation.