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Our Services

Care Plus offers a complete range of medical, nursing and support services including:

Case Manager

A registered Nurse will provide services requiring specialized nursing skills as well as initiating preventative nursing procedures. The Case Manager regularly re-evaluates the patient’s nursing needs, obtains doctor’s orders and guides the home health aide in necessary cares. The Case Manager is also actively involved in teaching you and your family to meet your nursing and other related needs.



home healthcare aideHome Health Aide

Care Plus Home Health Aides are trained to provide personal care, assist with ambulation and perform other procedures, as directed by Nursing or Therapy services. At all times, the Home Health Aides work under written instructions prepared by the Case Manager and based on the physician’s plan of treatment.




therapist with patient

Physical Therapy

Visits from our Physical Therapist will be conveniently arranged as ordered by the Physician. Exercise promotes healing and helps patients regain range-of-motion and strength in muscles and limbs.





physical therapy with nurse

Occupational Therapy

Individual independence sometimes requires relearning of daily-living activities. Visits from our Occupational Therapist will be conveniently arranged as ordered by the Physician.





Multiple Handicapped Clients

Will be offered communication services as necessary to meet your needs.